Destin Florida "World's Luckiest Fishing Village"

Dubbed as the worlds luckiest fishing village, Destin Florida surely boasts of being blessed of a large fishing fleet that contains rich marine life that residents take pride. Whether fishing from a charter boat or from the shore, your sure to catch your limit.

Most Beautiful Beaches

Approximate 4 million people visit Destin Florida each year to enjoy Destin's white sand and crystal clear beaches. Perfect for water activities including swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Because of this, Destin is a top destination for having fun in the sun.

Shopping and Golfing

Destin offers some the best shopping in the country and is home to world class golf courses. Golf enthusiast from around the world come to Destin to challenge their skills.

Dining Out with Local Flare

Destin has some of the finest restaurants around. From high class, table cloth service to water front shacks on the harbor. Destin has access to the freshest seafood you can get and you just can't beat the views and local flare.

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Best Seafood Restaurant in Fort Walton

Best Seafood Restaurant in Fort Walton

I know this place is not in Destin, however it is only a 15-20 min drive. If your looking the best seafood restaurant in the area than look no further. STEWBY’S Seafood Shanty is the best. They serve the freshest local seafood obtainable. Serving local seafood at local’s… Continue reading

Why Destin Florida

Destin Florida Guide is here to bring all the best Destin has to offer to one web site. You will find why millions of people like you visit Destin each year.

Tourists and travel enthusiasts alike love Destin Florida to be their next travel destination. Vacationing in Destin Fl. is on the top list of travelers because of the many sights and activities the place has to offer. Dubbed… Continue reading

***HELP!!!! Panama City Beach vs. Destin?!!!!!***?

Im a senior in high school and we’re takin 18-25 ppl for SPRING BREAK to one of these cities! Which is better for houses and fun?… Continue reading

Should my family go to Orange Beach,Alabama,Gulf Shores,Alabama or Destin Beach,Florida?10 points?

My family wants to go on a vacation in July. We don’t want a crowded place or with no good eating places. Also tell me another good beach in Alabama or Florida. No alligators. We also need a eating place that doesn’t have seafood. Remember family friendly. 10 points for best answer. thank you. 🙂… Continue reading

jellyfish in okaloosa destin area?

Hi. I am going to okaloosa island florida in about a week and a half and I will be there for 8 day. I was wondering if there are any jellyfish in okaloosa island. Okaloosa island is around the Destin area in florida. please answer ASAP!!!!!… Continue reading

Where can I bungee jump in Florida or Georgia?

I have been looking all over for a place to bungee jump in Florida or Georgia. I found one place in Destin, Florida which lets you jump from 75 feet but was wondering if there are any other locations around? If anyone knows of some and could provide web address, name of company, or as much detail as possible I would… Continue reading

Which Florida Beach is the best?

Me and my 8-year old daughter are going to Florida the beginning of June. Which one of these beaches would be the best to visit?

Santa Rosa
Fort Walton
St. Andrews

Thanks for any help!
Cocoa Beach is on the wrong side of the state. I’m looking for a beach in the panhandle region… Continue reading

What kind of fish are at florida beach?

I’m in destin florida at the beach and I see all those litte fish swimming everywhere..

some of them are white, 3 inches long and swimm in groups

some swimm around your feet when you kick up the sand and look for food. they come up really close

and I have a picture of the last kind:

and I have an additional question: can… Continue reading

Should go to Destin, Florida or New York, New York?

For my 13th birthday my mom said I could take a couple of my friends and we could go somewhere for my birthday. I live in Tennessee so i kinda want to go somewhere up North, but I love Destin!!! I Can’t decide!!! Please tell me what you think you should do???… Continue reading

If there’s a 30-40% chance of rain in Destin, Florida, will it rain?

I’m going on vacation next week and would like to know and The Weather Channel has one for each day that week… Continue reading

What are good beaches in Florida that aren’t too crowded?

We’ll be going to Florida at the end of July, and we’re planning on going to a nice beach for four days or so. We’ll be leaving from Orlando and going home to Indiana. (we’ll be driving obviously) What would a beach would be good as we head north?… Continue reading

What are some fun things to do for teens in Destin, Florida?

My friend and I are going to Destin and I am 13 and she is turning 13 while we are there. So, her and I want to go somewhere for her birthday. And meet some guys 😉… Continue reading

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