found a clear circle jelly substance on the beach?

im in destin florida and i found this clear jelly thing, its about 3 inches in diameter. one side is flat and the other side is kind of bumpy. i was wondering what i found
yeah haha i thaught some woman had lost her implant when i saw it. but thanks

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  • Earth Man:

    It sounds like your standard, washed-up jellyfish. Totally harmless to you, it’s not going to sting you and hurt you or anything (even in death), because the prey that it eats is very very small.

    Or… a plastic-surgeried woman was running on the beach in a bikini, tripped, fell on her face, and a breast implant somehow popped out.

  • Chris:

    Yes it’s the inners of a larger jellyfish: I think the tentacles and other bits are less sturdy and break/wash off, leaving a bit perfect for throwing at squeamish individuals.

  • Cheryl:

    It sounds like a benign jellyfish. You’ll see lots of those. Look at them, and you’ll see some patterns and structures.

    If you’re on vacation in Florida – watch out for rare Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. They look like a plastic sandwich bag full of air with purplish/bluish tendrils. You can see them on the beach or in the water. They sting, and it WILL HURT! Folk remedies that I have seen work: if you get stung, minor stings can be eased by applying papaya (if you have any), or urine (if you’re on a boat, ask your buddy). Major stings require immediate medical attention. Don’t be paranoid, just be aware.

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